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What people on Twitter are saying about the reinsurance industry shows conversations of relevance to the reinsurance industry happening in real-time on the social network Twitter.

Reinsurance companies and reinsurance market participants should be embracing social networks like Twitter as a means of communication, a method of insight and analysis on the reinsurance sector and a source of monitoring on their brands.

If you want to discuss Twitter, social networks and social media, how they affect you and your business (reinsurance or not) and how you can harness them to your advantage in reinsurance or any other industry please contact Steve Evans.

Why is Twitter important to the reinsurance industry?

Twitter is fast becoming one of the best sources of news and intelligence about any sector, this applies to the reinsurance and risk management sectors too. It is also one of the places where your customers, potential customers, partners and employees may be discussing reinsurance business or your brand.

If you don't think Twitter is important to you, your business or the reinsurance sector, just try searching for your brand name (or maybe a competitor in the reinsurance industry or a specific line of reinsurance business) on Twitters main search engine here.

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